Saturday, August 23, 2014

House With Snow

House With Snow
House With Snow

Wm Brunken
Lahoma, Okla
Will send you a postal   suppose you know the house and the girl on the porch.  had it taken just before Xmas when it snowed the night before, but the snow is laying yet,  it only thawed about 3 days since then  Just a little   its fine now 40 above yesterday  today the same

Who's Who

  • "Wm Brunken" is William Leonard Brunken, my grandfather.
  • "girl on the porch" is likely Hilda Ida Brunken, my mother.


Whoever sent this card to my grandfather expected him to be able to recognize the house and the girl with a doll on the porch [1].

Hilda Ida Brunken
Hilda Ida Brunken
The handwriting on this postcard is very similar to that of the handwriting on the postcard of the "Evangelical Lutheran Church Sanctuary - Lost Creek Township" post.  The message handwriting is almost the same and the script of the address is identical.  Is this a card that my grandmother wrote while visiting relatives in Nebraska? If so, the girl probably is grandfather's daughter, Hilda Ida Brunken, whom grandfather would definitely have recognized[1].




The picture was taken just before Christmas as stated in the postcard. However, there is no postmark nor date given on the postcard.  If this is the same visit as in the "Evangelical Lutheran Church Sanctuary - Lost Creek Township" posting, December 1911 is the date the picture was taken.


  1. The face of the girl on the porch does look like pictures that I have of of my mother, Hilda Ida Brunken, as a child.