Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dear Friend Mary

Edward and Dorthy Weber
Edward and Dorthy Weber

Postmark: MONROE NEB MAY -- 1911 5 PM
Mrs Mary Brunken
Dear Friend Mary
How are you all   we are all fine and everything look good here now  
with best wishes from us all

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Mary Brunken", "Friend Mary" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "M.W." is probably Mary (Bruns) Weber, a former neighbor of Mary Brunken in Nebraska[1][2].


The two children in the picture on this postcard apparently are the children of Mary (Burns) Weber[3]:

Edward Weber
Dorthy Weber


May 1911, according to the postmark.


Postmark is Monroe, Nebraska.


  1. Mary (Burns) Weber was the wife of George C. Weber, Sr. who was the brother of Frank Carl Weber who was the husband of Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken's sister,  Cecelia Margaret (Petersen).
  2. The handwriting on this postcard is the same as that on the postcard in the "Goodbye Loving Friend Mary" sent by Mary Weber.
  3. According to the 1910 US Census, Mary Weber had one child, Edward G. (age 2). And in the 1920 US Census, Mary Weber had four children, Edward (age 11), Dorthy (age 10), Caroline (age 9) and Lenord (age 6),