Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Up A Tree Trunk

Up A Tree Trunk
Up A Tree Trunk
Postmark: PLATTE CENTER NEB  SEP 26 1913 12 M
Mrs Wm Brunken
Dear Sister      Sept 25
We are sending you our picture[1].  We had a fine rain yesterday for the winter wheat.  We got a rocking chair now so that when you come you can sit in it.  I suppose Pa is having a fine time now[2]    Gus just got home from Columbus, we are going tomorrow with Carsten.  Harvest festival is going on now.  Will write soon.
Your Sister Lucy

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken", "Sister" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Lucy" is Lucia Bertha "Lucy" (Petersen) Griepentrog.
  • "Pa" is Carsten Petersen, Sr.
  • "Gus" probably is Gustav Franz Griepentrog, Lucy's brother-in-law.
  • "Carsten" is Carsten Petersen Jr.

I am unable to fully identify the men in the tree.  Maybe the man at the top is Chris Petersen.


Five men are up on an old tree trunk apparently just for fun.


September 26, 1913 according to the postmark.


Platte Center, Nebraska according to the postmark.


  1. Possibly Lucy's wedding picture - she married William Albert Griepentrog on 4 Jun 1913.
  2. "Pa" is probably lonely - his wife, Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, passed away on 24 May 1913. And, Lucy has left the home as a recent bride.