Friday, August 29, 2014

Alma's Daughter and Son

Alma's Daughter

Platte Center Nebr
Oct 12
Dear Friend
Do you remember my girl  yet she will be 3 in Dec.  How are you now & the rest of you are all well.  heard you had a good crop out there  Crops are good out here to  I wish that we could be together for a day once & talk of old times.  let me hear from you once   I am as ever your Friend

Who's Who

"Dear Friend" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
"Alma" is as yet unidentified.
"my girl" is as yet unidentified.


Platte Center, Nebraska


October 12 (year not given).

Picture Story

Alma's daughter "my girl" will be 3 in two months.

Can anyone identify who the mother "Alma" and her daughter are?

Alma's Son?

The following picture was also in grandmother's post card album, but has no message on the back.

The reason for including this picture here is that the photographer's prop chair that both children are sitting on appears to be the same.  The facial features of the two children are similar.  Or, maybe these two children are unrelated and it is just a coincidence that the same photographer with the same props took the two pictures.

Either way, please help identify these two children and Alma.