Thursday, August 7, 2014

William and Mary Brunken Home - Lahoma

Brunken Home in Lahoma, Oklahoma


This is the house that my grandparents, William Leopold and Clara Maria "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken, lived in on their farm near Lahoma, Oklahoma after they moved from Nebraska in 1910.

Who's Who

Who are these children?
Who are these children?


After 1910.


Section 25, Meno Township, Major County, Oklahoma

Satellite View

Lahoma or Meno?

There is plenty of opportunity for confusion as to where the William and Mary Brunken family lived - Lahoma, Oklahoma or Meno, Oklahoma? The "William and Mary Brunken Home - Lahoma" is in Meno Township of Major County, Oklahoma and was on a Meno US Mail route hence any mail that was sent to the Brunken family should have been addressed to Rural Route, Meno, Oklahoma.

Lahoma is in another township in the next county to the east - Logan Township of Garfield County, Oklahoma.  However, since Lahoma is where the Brunkens went to church and Lahoma was the closest location for obtaining supplies, the Brunken family considered themselves as being from Lahoma, Oklahoma. As may be seen from a Bing Map, the Brunken home is a little over a mile closer to Lahoma then it is to Meno.


  1. I am unable to identify the children playing on the steps - any suggestions?