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Lorena Ida Griepentrog

Lorena Ida Griepentrog
Lorena Ida Griepentrog

Postmark: MONROE NEBR 1917 10 5 PM
Miss Hilda Brunken
Meno Oklahoma
%Wm Brunken
To All,
Received your card. glad you got home OK.  Frank Weber had a bad attach of appendicitis last Staturday Friday night, was in bed ever since   feels pretty good again. The Dr's are trying to get him in a good enough shape so he can be operated the last of the week.  Julia is over there to help Celia until he gets over the worst.  Charlie W. is quite bad off too, he has some decease in his throat.  He is downtown with his Ma.  Pa bought Henry Seiblers house in town.  The rest of us are all well.  Baby is getting fatter every day.
Aunt Lucy G.

Who's Who 

  • "Miss Hilda Brunken" is Hilda Ida Brunken, daughter of William Leopold and Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Aunt Lucy G.", is Lucia Bertha (Petersen) Griepentrog.
  • "Celia" is Lucia's sister, Cecelia Margaret (Petersen) Weber.
  • "Frank Weber" is Frank Weber, Cecelia's husband[1].
  • "Pa" is Lucia's father, Carsten Petersen, Sr.
  • "Julia" is possibly Julia Tessendorf.  Julia and her husband Gus Tessendorf  raised Lucy's husband, William Griepentrog (born 05 Apr 1892 - died 2 May 1917), after William's parents passed away, March 1905.
  • "Charlie W."  Possibly Charles Weber, brother of Frank Weber[2].
  • "Baby" is Lorena Ida Griepentrog (born 11 May 1917).  And, I assume that Lorena is the baby in the photo on the front of the postcard.

Lorena Ida Griepentrog
Lorena Ida Griepentrog


Apparently, Hilda Ida Brunken had visited her Aunt Lucia and other relatives in Nebraska and had safely returned home to Lahoma, Oklahoma.  Hilda was about 11 years old at the time.  Since the postcard salutation is to "All", I assume that the whole William Brunken family (or maybe just Hilda, her mother and siblings) made the journey to Nebraska and returned home to Oklahoma.


1917. Possibly early fall or late summer, as leaves are still on the trees and Lorena appears to be about four months old.


Postmark: Monroe, Nebraska.


  1. Frank Weber recovered and lived until 1987.
  2. If this is Charles Weber, brother of Frank Weber, he recovered and lived until 1979.