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Chris Petersen House

Chris Petersen House
Chris Petersen House

Postmark: PLATTE CENTER NEBR FEB 26 1913 5PM
Mrs Wm Brunken
LahomaMeno, Okla
Febr 26, 1913
Rec'd your card from Omaha.  Presume you was pretty tired before you got their.  Last eve we all were up to Teddy to a party -- had a fine time.   Mama is feeling about the same but I think she walks around more now.
I bet Hilda and Alvin were tickled when they seen mama again.  Wet Went to the Lyric Sunday eve, yet when I got home.
Your Sis Cacilea
(must tell you that Lena is going to be married next Wed)

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken", "Mama" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken, half-sister of Cecelia.
  • "Cacilea" is Cecelia Margaret Petersen, half-sister of Mary.
  • "Hilda" is Hilda Ida Brunken, daughter of William and Mary Brunken.
  • "Alvin" is Alvin William Brunken, son of William and Mary Brunken.
  • "Teddy" is unidentified.
  • "Mama" is Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, mother of Cecelia, step-mother of Mary.
  • "Lena" is possibly Helena Petersen, daughter of Andrew Petersen - brother of Carsten Petersen, Sr.

Message Story

My grandmother, Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken, visited relatives near Platte Center, Nebraska and has returned home to Lahoma, Oklahoma - probably via train from Omaha[1].  She apparently brought her youngest daughter, Leona (age 2), along because Cecelia only mentions Hilda and Alvin as being tickled to see their "Mama" again.

Picture Story

The Chris Petersen house[2][3] is pictured on the front of this postcard. Probably the women in the yard are Petersen family members.

Even when I zoom in on the individual faces, I cannot fully identify who is who - several faces and hairdos look familiar but not definitive.

The man in the window is possibly Carsten Petersen, Jr. or Christian Border "Chris" Petersen.


Postmark: February 26, 1913


The Chris Petersen house[2] is located in Lost Creek Township on Section 9, four miles west of Platte Center, Nebraska.View aerial map with directions from Platte Center, Nebraska.

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  1. This visit was three months before Mary's stepmother, Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, passed away on 24 May 1913.
  2. Thank you Carolyn Petersen for identifying this house.
  3. At the time this picture was taken in 1913, this was the home of Carsten Petersen, Jr. and his family. After, Carsten Petersen, Sr. moved to Platte Center, Carsten Petersen, Jr. and his family moved to the house where Carsten Petersen, Sr. had been living. When Chris Petersen married, Chris Petersen and his wife made this house their home. Hence, this house became known in the family as the Chris Petersen house.