Saturday, August 30, 2014

As We Departed For Oklahoma

As We Departed For Oklahoma
As We Departed For Oklahoma
Dec 15, 1910 at Columbus as we departed for Okla.

Who's Who

Probably this is the family of John Louis Brunken who lived in Columbus, Nebraska.

John Louis Brunken

Lina (Schneider) Brunken

Laura Brunken


This appears to be a picture that my grandparents obtained in Columbus, Nebraska as they moved to Oklahoma[1].  They may have stayed with the family of the oldest brother of my grandfather, John Louis Brunken, who lived in Columbus, Nebraska. Columbus would have been a convenient point to board a train for Oklahoma.


December 15, 1910[1][2].


Columbus, Nebraska.[3]


  1. The picture does not appear have been taken on the date (December 15, 1910) given in the message.  The trees and bushes have leaves on them.  Possibly this picture was taken earlier by the John Louis Brunken family to commemorate the fall crop of potatoes and pumpkins from their garden.
  2. The date is consistent with the observation that it had snowed in the "Goodby Loving Friend Mary" postcard sent by Mary (Bruns) Weber.
  3. In the 1910 US Census, John Louis Brunken's residence is listed as 310 East 11th, Columbus, NE. 
  4. The concern that I have about this postcard is that Laura, who would have been eight years old at the time that my grandparents moved to Oklahoma, appears to be bigger than I would expect.  Laura's father, John Louis Brunken, according to his World War I draft registration, was of medium height and build.  Maybe this was sent at a later date, maybe even years later, to my grandparents and my grandparents simply marked on it the date when they moved from Nebraska.