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Elevator & Depot - Platte Center, Nebraska

Elevator & Depot - Platte Center, Nebraska
Elevator & Depot - Platte Center, Nebraska
Postmark: PLATTE CENTER NEBR OCT 18 ----
Mrs Wm Brunken
Dear Sister,
We got home alright last night.  Everything was all right d-- gtot-- the bottles along al----
Mamma is feeling ---- good now.  I think quite a bit better than when we left.
She and Cecalia ---- to Tillie today.  She is weighing 100 lb now.  She gained 10 lbs
The leaves of the trees are falling fast.  We will go at the potatoes tomorrow.  We are having nice weather now.  The wheat is greener here than there.

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken","Sister" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Mamma" is Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, Alwina's mother-in-law.
  • "Cecalia" is Cecelia Margaret Petersen.
  • "Tillie" is Mathilda (Petersen) Arndt.
  • "Alwina" is Alwina (Hoefelman) Petersen, wife of Carsten Petersen, Jr.

Message Story

Apparently Alwina and her husband, Carsten Petersen, Jr had just arrived back home in Nebraska from visiting her "Sister" (actually her sister-in-law) Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken in Lahoma, Oklahoma. Her mother-in-law, Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, apparently has been in ill health but has gained 10 pounds while Alwina was away.

Picture Story

The Omaha Elevator Company Elevator is shown along with the adjoining train depot in Platte Center, Nebraska. Alwina possibly chose to send this postcard from a common interest in wheat.

Omaha Elevator Company
Omaha Elevator Company

Apparently this is the grain elevator that replaced the one that had previously burned as noted in the following newspaper clipping:
The Columbus journal, October 06, 1897, page 3


October 1910-1912, probably 1912 given the poor health of "Mamma".  "Mamma", Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, died 24 May 1913.  Alwina and Carsten Petersen, Jr. were married 12 Oct 1910. Maybe Alwina and Carsten make their honeymoon trip to Oklahoma - If so, then date would be 1910.


Postmark is Platte Center, Nebraska.