Friday, August 15, 2014

Goodbye Loving Friend Mary

Mrs Wm Brunken
Platte Center

Loving Friend Mary
How do you like this snow ---- to come yet some time but I don't now if I can
We are all quite well hope you are the same don't work to hard.
I wish you good luck in on your way and in your new home I will remember you and just write some time.
Your Loving Friend
Maj--- W-b-r

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken","Friend Mary" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken
  • "Maj--- W-b-r" is probably Mary (Bruns) Weber[1]

I do not recognize the individual people in the picture. Possibly the couple on the left is Mary Weber and her husband George along their two young children, son Edward G Weber (age  2) and daughter Caroline E Weber (age <1). In the middle is likely Mary's father, Diedrich Bruns, who was living in Mary Weber's  home at this time according to the 1910 and 1920 US Census. In the 1910 US Census the Weber's had a boarder,  Anna Budenger.  This leaves one unaccounted for male - given the button flower he is sporting, possibly he was a friend of the boarder.


A friend, Mary Weber, is writing to say goodbye to my grandmother, Clara Marie "Mary" (Carsten) Brunken, to wish her good luck on her way and in her new home[2].  The writer is expressing regrets of not being able to come by before my grandmother leaves[3], so the move to Oklahoma is probably in the near future.


The address on the card is to Platte Center, Nebraska[3].


The date the picture was taken is not given nor is there a postmark.  The nature of the message suggests to me that this card was written just before my grandparents moved to Oklahoma[2], hence it is 1910. Given the reference to snow, the postcard must have been written in late fall or winter.


  1. If one looks hard at the signature on this postcard, it could be "Mary Weber". I have concluded that the person writing the postcard is Mary (Bruns) Weber who lived on an adjoining farm to where my grandparents lived in Nebraska and was a nearby neighbor of the Carsten Petersen family. 
  2. See the "Frank Weber And Car" post in which an included newspaper clipping states that my grandparents moved to Oklahoma in the fall of 1910.
  3. My grandparents and their two children were recorded by the 1910 US Census as being in Lost Creek Township, Nebraska on April 27, 1910 possibly on the Hans Jepsen farm where they lived after their marriage.  Maybe Mary Weber cannot come by to wish my grandmother off in person because my grandparents had already started their move to Oklahoma and were temporarily staying with my grandfather's relatives in Shell Creek Township.  Grandfather's parents lived on a mail route out of Platte Center, Nebraska to which the card is addressed.