Thursday, July 17, 2014

Frank Weber With Car

Frank Weber With Car
Frank Weber With Car
Postmark: MONROE NEB -- ---
Miss Leona Brunken
% Wm Brunken
Dear Niece
Wishing you a happy birthday.  Sent you a package that is a dress for you
 am a little late but did not get to town any sooner.
We are all well having plenty of snow   looks like snow again.
Did not have any birthday cards maybe you will know him
Your Aunt Cecilia

Who's Who

  • "Miss Leona Brunken", "Niece" is Leona Cecelia Brunken.
  • "Aunt Cacelia" is Cecelia Margaret (Petersen) Weber.
  • "him", the man in picture, is  Frank Carl Weber, Cecelia's husband:
Frank Carl Weber
Frank Carl Weber


A birthday greeting to Leona Cecelia Brunken is being sent by her aunt, Cecelia Margaret (Petersen) Weber.


The postmark date is not legible. Leona was born 11 Feb 1911, so this card was sent after February 11. Cecelia and Frank were married 16 Sep 1914, so the year was 1915 or later.


Monroe, Nebraska.


  1. Cecelia stayed with the Leona's family in Lahoma, Oklahoma at the time Leona was born according to this clipping from The Columbus journal (Columbus, Nebraska), April 26, 1911, page 5.

Cecelia undoubtedly provided much need help to her step-sister and family the month before and two months after Leona was born. In addition to Leona having Cecelia as her middle name, there was probably a special bond that developed between aunt and niece.
  • The car Frank is driving looks like a 1910 Ford Model T with all-weather covering in place and mud on the running board.. Ford produced the Model T for almost twenty years beginning in 1908.