Saturday, July 26, 2014

Turkey - Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Turkeys on the Brunken Farm
Turkeys on the Brunken Farm

Who's Who

  • The girl blocking/herding the turkeys is Hilda Ida Brunken[1], daughter of William Leopold and Clara Marie (Petersen) Brunken.


I suspect Hilda has the responsibility of keeping the turkeys in place so the photographer can snap a picture of them. Note her stance, one I have posed in the past to make myself look bigger while blocking/herding farm animals or chickens or turkeys or geese or whatever.  However, the turkey tom is not taking kindly to this - he is protecting the hen while ruffling his feathers and saying "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble".


About 1916[2]. There are no leaves on the trees next to the house so this is winter time.


Near Lahoma, Oklahoma - The William Brunken Lahoma family home is in the background.


  1. Compare the girl in this picture with that of Hilda in the "William and Mary Brunken Children - 1916" posting.  Note in particular the dress collar, belt, skirt, stockings.  Possibly she is even carrying the same doll.  
  2. In addition to Hilda being in the current picture as well as the photograph in the "William and Mary Brunken Children - 1916" posting, both pictures are the same size, on the same cutdown postcard film stock, and have the same border - the pictures were likely taken on the same film load and possibly on the same day. The two snapshots are shown below in their oringinal form - not color corrected and untrimmed: