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Emil Herman Brunken - Confirmation

Confirmation c. 1906
Confirmation c. 1906

Emil Herman Brunken - c.1906
Emil Herman Brunken - c.1906

Who's Who

  • Emil Herman Brunken[1], son of John Dietrich and Johanna Wilhelmina (Plath) Brunken, was born 28 Dec 1891.
  • Girl - Unidentified[2].


Both of these young people are holding a bible. Probably this was their confirmation picture.


About 1906, assuming that Emil was 15 years old when he was confirmed[3][5].




  1. There was a sticky note attached to this post card that identified the boy as being Emil Brunken.
  2. Emil's next older sister, Anna M. Brunken, was born 01 Dec 1887 and was about 4 years older than Emil. While the girl in the picture is taller than Emil, I do not think she looks 4 years older than Emil. For now I am assuming that the girl was in the same confirmation class as Emil but was not Emil's sister.
  3. Several of Emil's brothers  (William - 1893, Gustav - 1895, Heirich - 1897, Karl - 1899, Edward 1909) were confirmed at Christ Lutheran Church at age 15 or 16 [4].
  4. Brakenoff, Sherri. Confirmands; St. John's St. Luke's Congregational, St. John's Evangelical, Christ Lutheran, & Immanuel Lutheran Churches and St. Bonaveture Parish; Various Years, Platte County, Nebraska. USGenWeb Nebraska Archives, January, 1998.
  5. Emil's confirmation place and date can hopefully be found in Platte County church records. If so, the name of the unidentified girl may likewise be determined.