Thursday, July 31, 2014

On The Haystack

On The Haystack
On The Haystack
Up Close on Haystack

1 Chris Petersen
2 Caroline Jepsen
3 Clara Johonnes
4 Tetta Johonnes
and the other two in front is Albert Stinrichs and myself.
These are some foolish pictures some of us kids had taken a few sundays ago here.
I have a small Kodak the pictures are not very good.

Who's Who

  • "Albert Stinrichs" is Albert Stinrichs
  • "Caroline Jepsen" is Caroline Jepsen
  • "Chris Petersen" is Christ Broder Petersen
  • "Clara Johonnes" is Clara Johannes
  • "Tetta Johonnes" is Tetta Hanna Johannes 
  • "Myself" is possibly Frieda Ida Petersen[2].


As the postcard says, these are some young folks who are having a good time taking pictures of themselves on a winter Sunday afternoon.




Probably before 1918[1].  Possibly 1917.


  1. Christ Broder Petersen and Tetta Hanna Johannes were married 26 Feb 1918. Tetta is here referred to by her maiden name, so these pictures were probably taken before Christ and Tetta were married.
  2. I believe that the author of the postcard notes (who refers to herself as "Myself") is Frieda Petersen. Compare the faces of "Myself"(A) in this picture and the "Myself"(B) 
    Myself A
    Myself B
    to the photograph of Frieda in 1909 and as a maid of honor in 1914:
    Frieda - 1909, age 16
    Frieda - 1914, age 15
    Or, "Myself" could be someone else such as a cousin.  Maybe handwriting will better reveal the author when additional postcards are reviewed.