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Feeding Hogs

Feeding Hogs
 Feeding Hogs


Hog production was a major form of income for farmers in Nebraska.  Both my Brunken and Petersen relatives did raise and sell hogs as may be seen from the following clippings from the The Columbus journal (Columbus, Nebraska):

May 18, 1904, page 1

April 20, 1904, page 3
March 04, 1908, page 1
April 21, 1909, page 1
August 03, 1910, page 1

Who's Who

The man in the picture is unidentified. He could be one of a number of relatives who farmed in Nebraska. The relatives named in the above articles are as follows:
  • "John Brunken" is my great grandfather, John Dietrich Brunken, Sr.
  • "Carsten Petersen", is my great grandfather, Carsten Petersen, Sr.
  • "Chas. Brunken" is John Brunken's son, Charles Henry Brunken.
  • "D. Brunken" is John Brunken's brother, Gerd Diederich Brunken.

Date of Picture

Unknown. All the dates of items in the album so far identified have been between 1905 and 1919 with most of the dates being between 1911 and 1917.


Likely in Nebraska because this post card was in the first section of my grandmother's album which contained post cards received mostly from relatives in Nebraska.


  1. A "car" refers to a train car.