Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weber Boy

Dear Sis,
Well how are you  we are fine  Having a lots of wind every day   it is so dry the corn looks bad.  We thrashed our wheat last week and are going to get the thrashers this afternoon again for the oats.  Am sending you a postal of our boy so when you see him you will know him  This is not very good   he wouldent stand.
Write soon. Your Sis Cacilia


Who's Who 

The signatory, Cacilia, of this post card must be Cecelia Margaret (Petersen) Weber.  So the boy's surname is Weber. Given that the other cards in this album are in the 1909-1919 time period, this boy is likely to be Earl Amond Weber (born 01 Sep 1915) or Milton Frank Weber (born 29 Jun 1917).

Any suggestions as to which of Cecelia's sons he is?


Given they have thrashed their wheat and are about to thrash the oats, this is likely early to mid summer. Possibly 1915 - 1917.