Friday, July 18, 2014

An Afternoon Ride And Picnic

An Afternoon Ride And Picnic
An Afternoon Ride And Picnic

Chris in a Model T
Chris in a Model T
We had these taken the day after I came back from Okla   down at the river near monroe   we each took something along and had a regular picnic there.  The picture is not very good of us.

Who's Who

  • The card message was written by Christ Broder Petersen.
     Christ Broder Petersen
     Christ Broder Petersen

  • The lady in the car with Chris, while is not named on the card, could be Chris's future wife, Tetta Hanna Johannes[1].
    Tetta Hanna Johannes?


Chris is taking a lady on an afternoon ride and picnic.


Since Chris says "we each took something along", I do not think he is yet married. So, probably the date is before 1918[1].


Monroe, Nebraska.


  1. Chris married Tetta Hanna Johannes 26 Feb 1918. Could the lady in the car be Tetta? A very grainy snapshot cut that I have of Tetta does show a resemblance to the lady in the car.
  2. The car Chris is driving looks like a 1910 Ford Model T. Ford produced the Model T for twenty years beginning in 1908.