Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Men At Work

Men At Work
Men At Work
Mrs Wm Brunken
I suppose you know them all   I suppose they all look the same to you yet.

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Lucy" is Lucia Bertha "Lucy" (Petersen) Griepentrog.


Lucy thinks that her sister, Mary, knows all of the people in the picture.  A few of the women do look like Petersen family members. But, I am not at this time able to distinguish who is who[1].

What are the two men doing that has everyone so interested?

It looks like the man on the left has three sherbet type dishes in his hand with one upright as if it is to be filled with whatever he is scooping from the metal bowel.  The second man seems to be picking something out of the smaller bowel with his fingers. Possibly the men are serving homemade ice cream with sprinkles on top. And, that is why is everyone so interested.

To the left on the table is what appears to be tall cream bucket, a basket, and a smaller metal bowel.  How do these items fit in with what the two men are doing?  Possibly the basket contains the sherbet glasses that have been brought out of the house.  The hand cranked ice cream freezer is not visible, but possibly they have already removed the contents of the freezer can into the metal bowel that they are serving from. I wonder who got to lick the ice cream freezer paddle?


Unknown. All the dates of items in the album so far identified have been between 1905 and 1919 with most of the dates being between 1911 and 1917.


Probably in Nebraska.


  1. Hopefully someone can better identify the people in the picture.