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Weber Family

Weber Family
Weber Family
Postmark: PLATTE CENTER NEB NOV 25 1915 12 M
Mrs Wm Brunken
Dear Sis,
Well how are you folks now  Herald is better now isent he   Wanted to write to you for so long but am always so busy  Are husking corn every day   have about six days left   the corn is not very dry this year.
Are all going up to Lucy tomorrow for a big dinner.  Write when you can.
Your Sis, C. W.
This is the whole Weber family.

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken", "Sis" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Herald" is Harold Carsten Brunken, son of Mary Brunken.
  • "Lucy" is Lucia Bertha "Lucy" (Petersen) Griepentrog.
  • "Sis, C.W." is Cecelia Margaret (Petersen) Weber.


A picture of the William Weber, Sr. family - Cecelia Margaret (Petersen) Weber's in-laws.

Weber Family
Weber Family
On the left side are likely Cecelia's mother-in-law, Caroline (Labenz) Weber, and father-in-law, William Weber, Sr.  I am not able to determine who the other adults and children in the picture are.

Other adults in the Weber family at the time were William Weber, Jr.(36) and his wife Amanda(age 33); George Weber(age 33) and his wife Mary(age 31); Frank Weber(age 25) and his wife Cecelia(age 23); Louisa Weber(age 37), John Weber(age 30); Henry Weber(age 28); and, Charles Weber(age 22).

William and Amanda Weber's children at the time were: Arthur (age 13) and Gladys (age 7).

George and Mary Weber's children at this time were: Edward (age 7)[1], Dorthy (age 5)[1], Caroline (age 4), Lenord (age 1).

Frank and Cecelia Weber's only child at the time was Earl Armond Weber, born 1 Sep 1915 and is apparently not in the picture - he would have been a three month old baby.


25 Nov 1915


Postmark is Platte Center, Nebraska.


  1. See "Dear Friend Mary" post for pictures of Edward and Dorthy.