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Weber Boys

Weber Boys
Weber Boys

Postmark: PLATTE CENTER NEB JUL 8 12 M 1911
Mrs William Brunken
Lahoma, Okla
Dear Friend  Your Card Received and we are all Well and Have a Dry spell out Here but corn looks good yet.  Your Folks and Hans - Lena J wer her yesterday  we had the 4th by[with] Alma - Christ
This is taken under a cherry tree, by[with] Webber Boys.
Write Again
Mrs Ch Martensen

Who's Who

  • "Mrs William Brunken", "Friend" is Clara Marie "Mary"(Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Mrs Ch Martensen" is likely Mary (Behrens) Martensen, wife of Claus Heinrich Martensen.
  • "Your Folks" are probably Carsten Petersen, Sr and Ida Cecelia (Martensen) Petersen, father and step-mother of Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Hans" is unidentified.
  • "Lena J" is unidentified.
  • "Alma" is possibly Alma Ingeborg Martensen, daughter of Christian Lorenz Martensen.
  • "Christ" is possibly Christian Lorenz Martensen, brother of Ida Cecelia (Martensen) Petersen.
  • "Webber Boys" - See Story.


The the postcard message says the boys in the picture on the front of the postcard are the "Webber boys".   I think they are children of the Weber families who lived on the farms close to C.H. Martensen's farm. Note the location of the C.H. Martensen farm (GREEN) relative to the Wm Weber Sr, Wm Weber Jr, and Wm Weber (RED) as well as the Carsten Petersen, Sr.(BLUE) farms as is shown on the following clip of a 1914 Lost Creek Township, Platte, Nebraska Ownership Map.

1914  NW Lost Creek Township Ownership Clip

I found two boys in the Weber families of the 1910 US Census for Lost Creek Township, Platte, Nebraska:
  • Arthur Weber (age 8), son of William and Amanda Weber.
  • Edward G. (age 2), son of George C. and Marie (Bruns) Weber.
The tallest boy is probably Arthur Weber and the smallest boy is probably Edward G. Weber.

Arthur Weber
Arthur Weber

Edward G. Weber
Edward G. Weber

I am assuming the third boy has the surname Weber, but have been unable to determine his name from any records that I have for the Weber families in Lost Creek Township.[1]


Postmark: July 8, 1911.


Platte Center, Nebraska, as per postmark.


  1. William Weber, Sr's first child was a daughter named Louisa. I have not identified who, if anyone, she married and did not find her name in the Weber family census records after 1900.  Possibly the third boy is her son and would be considered one of the Weber boys.