Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Looking South - Madison, Nebraska

Looking South On Pearl Street - Madison, Nebraska
Looking South On Pearl [Main] Street - Madison, Nebraska
Postmark: Not legible
Mrs Wm Brunken
Hello Sis,
Am in Madison now   was here for a couple of days   am going home tomorrow noon
Mamma is feeling pretty good  The Dr is well pleased   Doesnt talk about operating any more    can eat like every thing   is very weak but has no pain   are going to  --- --  get her to sweat  but is pretty hard to do  Isent near so yellow any more

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Wm Brunken", "Sis" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Mamma" is Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen.
  • "Cesilia" is Cecelia Margaret Petersen.


Cecelia has taken a trip to nearby Madison, Nebraska.  She is very worried about her mother's health.


Possibly 1912. Before May 1913 as Cecelia's mother is alive but very sick[1].


Madison, Madison County, Nebraska. The town of Madison is about 23 miles from Platte Center as can be seen on a Bing Map.

The following Google Drive-By Map - Looking south on South Main (Pearl) at Second Street - shows how the same street on the postcard looks a century later.[2]

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A few of the original buildings remain and are identifiable.  The corner building on the right has the same number of second story windows as the building pictured on the postcard - observe in particular that the three arched windows in the middle are the same.  Also three stores south as well another two stores further south have the same roof lines as those in the picture on the postcard.


  1. Cecelia's mother, Ida Lucia (Martensen) Petersen, passed away 24 May 1913.
  2. Main Street was previously named Pearl Street.  Check out a 1918 map of south Madison, Madison, Nebraska.