Friday, September 5, 2014

Large Social Event

Large Social Event

Large Social Event

Who's Who

All of the people are too far away from the camera to be able recognize individuals even if the picture is highly magnified:


Apparently this was a large social. But what, when and where? I am conjecturing that this was the wedding reception for Christian Border "Chris" Petersen and Tetta Hanna Johannes.

What is the game to be played given all the flags in the yard?

The flags appear to be United States stars and stripes - The flags have thirteen strips but how many stars?


Probably Nebraska.

My first thought was that this picture was taken at the Chris Petersen Home Place[1]. Note the barn behind the tree in the background of this picture has the general appearance of the barn shown in the Chris Petersen Home Place posting. However, the window visible in this is picture has a slightly different position from the equivalent window in the Chris Petersen Home Place posting.

Large Social Event - Barn in Background

The limited photograph resolution make it is difficult to distinguish stripes in the detail of the siding on the barn in the Chris Petersen Home Place posting - possibly there are none.

Christ Petersen Home Place - Barn

The barn is in the same relative position to the house in both pictures and in the current satellite view of the farm house and barn.

Satellite View of Chris Petersen House and Barn

The building on the right side of the picture almost looks like the building on the side of the house in the Chris Petersen House posting but not exactly - the window in the Large Social building is too close to the end to match the side building shown in Chris Petersen House posting:
Large Social building edge


Possibly 1918.  Christian Border "Chris" Petersen and Tetta Hanna Johannes were married 20 Feb 1918[2].


  1. While the social event setting almost fits the Chris Petersen Home Place pictures, there are enough differences that cause me to think the Chris Petersen Home Place was not the location of the Large Social Event.
  2. The picture was stamped on the back by the photo finishing shop;
    I had originally thought that this stamp indicated the picture was taken near Lahoma, Oklahoma.  My current thinking is that while the film was developed and printed in Enid, Oklahoma, my grandparents took pictures while in Nebraska and had the film developed and pictures printed after they got home from Nebraska.