Sunday, September 7, 2014

An Old Time Band

Old Time Band


An old time band having a good time.

And, given the barrel in front, I am sure that a good time was had by all in attendance of the performance.

What instrument or noise maker does the man with the black hat on the right of the photograph have in his hand?

He kinda looks like my grandfather, William Brunken?


Probably Nebraska. I am guessing that this is a picture of the band that played at the Large Social Event[1].


I am assuming about 1918 - which is consistent with the apparent vintage of the car in the background.


  1. The photograph film is the same size, border, aging and photo finisher stamp as that shown in Large Social Event post.
  2. I had first assumed that these pictures were near Lahoma, Oklahoma given the photo finisher stamp on the back of the photograph.
    However, I now think that the pictures were taken in Nebraska and were developed in Enid, Oklahoma after the Brunken Family had returned home.