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Petersen Second Home

Petersen Second Home

Picture Caption
                                                             2nd home

Notes On Back Of Picture
Grandpa & Grandma home place
Ema is the baby on Grandma's lap.
Born 1-28-1878
(appears to be Grandma Petersen's penmanship)
Anna 10-27-1874
Mathilda 6-11-1876
Emma 8-28-1878

Who's Who

  • "Grandma" ,"Grandma Petersen" is Margaret (Holman) Petersen.
  • "Grandpa" is Carsten Petersen, Sr.
  • "Emma"  is Emma Petersen.
  • "Anna" is Anna Catherine Petersen.
  • "Mathilda" is Mathilda Petersen.


This appears to be a picture of the Carsten Petersen family second home. According to the notes on the back of the picture, the woman in the center of the picture is Grandmother and she has Emma on her lap.

My guess is that the two girls to the left of Margaret (Holman) Petersen are her two oldest daughters, left to right Mathilda and Anna. My guess is that one of the two men on the left of the picture is Carsten Petersen, Sr. who was thirty years old at the time this picture was taken.  I do not have a guess as to who the other gentleman is nor do I have a guess as to who the woman and the two boys on the right of Margaret (Holman) Petersen are.

In the 1880 US Census, there were three people living with the Carsten Pertersen, Sr. family:

A male boarder age 23 and two servants - a male age 13 and a female age 10.  Possibly these are several of the unidentified people in the picture.


1879 - Assuming that Emma is less than a year old.


Platte Center, Nebraska


  1. The statement on the back of the picture, "(appears to be Grandma Petersen's penmanship)", is confusing as the first four lines appear to be of the same penmanship as the statement.  The birth dates are a different penmanship and appear to have been added after the statement was written.  Possible the "2nd home" caption on the picture is what the statement is referring to.
  2. Carolyn Petersen shared these photographs on September 20, 2014.  They are photocopies of a photocopy of genealogy records that she received from a distant relative.