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Carsten Petersen, Sr. - Childhood Home

Carsten Petersen, Sr.  - Childhood Home
Carsten Petersen, Sr.  - Childhood Home
Back of Framed Picture[1]
The family Home where Carsten Petersen, Sr was born and raised in Germany.
father of Clara Marie Brunken.

Who's Who

  • "Carsten Petersen, Sr." is the father of Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Clara Marie Brunken" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken.


As noted on the back of the picture, this is the family home where Carsten Petersen, Sr. was born and raised in Germany before he migrated to the United States in 1869.

"Carsten Petersen, Sr., ... was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, near Bredstedt[2], September 19, 1949, a son of Carsten and Anna. K  (Jacobson) Petersen, in whose family were five children, of whom the subject of this review is the third in order of birth.  The father followed farming and thus provided a comfortable living for his family."[3]




Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, near Bredstedt[2].


  1. Evelyn (Pereboom) Brunken shared this picture on January 6, 2004. The photograph was framed by Evelyn's son, Alan Brunken, and was being displayed on the living room wall of my Aunt Evelyn's home.
  2. "Bredstedt (Low German: Bredstedt; Danish: Bredsted; North Frisian: Braist) is a town in the district of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated near the North Sea coast, approximately 20 km northwest of Husum." Downloaded 20 Sep 2014 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bredstedt.
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