Friday, September 12, 2014

Putting Up Hay

Julia and  Gustave Tessendorf Home Place
Julia and  Gustave Tessendorf Home Place
Postmark: MONROE NEB OCT 19 1911 5 PM
Mrs Mary Brunken
Oct 18, 1911
Hello received your card last week. Had another nice rain lately.   Have got a pain in my back can hardly get around.  It is getting better though. They were talking about shucking corn next week.
Best regards from

Who's Who

  • "Mrs Mary Brunken" is Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken
  • "Julia" is probably Julia E. (Henning) Tessendorf.  The farm of Julia and her husband, Gustave F. "Gus" Tessendorf, was in the next section west of the Carsten Petersen farm, so Julia was a close neighbor during the years Marie was growing up.
  • The person on the hay rack wagon is too far away to identify.


On first look this picture appears to just be a farm yard.  However, on looking closer, there is a lot of activity.  Hay is being lifted off of a hay rack wagon to be stored the hayloft of a barn:

Next to the barn is a pig shed with pigs rummaging out front:

Next is the farmhouse with what looks like a fenced in garden in front.


October 18, 1911




  1. The house looks much like the farmhouse in the pictures of several other posts and is not a typical foursquare or box style. 
  2. The photographer "W.G" is probably William Albert Griepentrog, the future husband of  Lucia Bertha "Lucy" Petersen. Julia and her husband, Gustave F. "Gus" Tessendorf, raised William Griepentrog, after William's parents passed away March 1905.