Saturday, September 20, 2014

Valentine Card From Elsa

Postmark: PLATTE CENTER NEB FEB 10 4PM 1915
Miss Hilda Brunken
%Wm Brunken
Hello Hilda,
Recd your Mama's postal yesterday.  Well how are you all up there.  We are all well. I have plenty of time now to write  we have no German school yet   The teacher did not come yet,  Suppose you go to school every day.  How do you like school?  I only go to Confirmation -- the forenoon ---- ans soon.
As ever
Elsa H.

Who's Who

  • "Elsa H." is Elsie Ida Hagelman, daughter of  Henry and Anna (Petersen) Hagelman.
  • "Hilda" is Hilda Ida Brunken, daughter of William and Mary (Petersen) Brunken.


Elsa, who is 5 years older than Hilda, apparently has a lot of extra time since her school has not yet started.


February 10, 1915.


Postmark: Platte Center, Nebraska