Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Trappers

Three Trappers At Work
Three Trappers At Work

I suppose you know all of these sports in Nebraska   Yet they are just the same as ever

Who's Who

Trapper 1

Trapper 2

Trapper 3

Trapper 1 appears to me to be Chris Petersen and Trapper 3 appears to be Carsten Petersen, Jr. Any help in completing/verifying the identification of these men will be appreciated.


This appears to be a trapping camp out.  Each of the three men are demonstrating a step in skinning furbearing animals and stretching the pelts to dry.

The spring of a wagon bench seat is being used to hold an animal while it is being skinned. It appears that the trapper is showing how to begin a cased cut by cutting the skin from rear leg to rear leg.

The second trapper is skinning an animal from the other side of the wagon bench.  He seems to be demonstrating how to peel off the pelt much like removing a pullover sweater. From the tail shown, the animal being skinned appears to be a muskrat of river otter.

The third trapper is illustrating how to place the skin on a frame to stretch and dry the pelt.

Apparently the trappers have completed skinning and are already curing five pelts.

Off to the side are three apparently empty bottles and an axe.  Possibly it was a cold night and they needed something to warm themselves.


October 21, 1911.


Nebraska as per the postcard message.


  1. The photographer has scratched the initials "W.G." on the lower right hand corner of the film. I believe that these initials are those of William Griepentrog.
  2. The date is scratched a second time onto the film under the wagon seat for some reason.