Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday From Herbert

To Hilda
from Herbert
Birthday 1909[1]

Who's Who

  • "Hilda" is Hilda Ida Brunken, daughter of William and Mary (Petersen) Brunken.
  • "Herbert" is Herbert E. Arndt, son of Edward and Mathilda (Petersen) Arndt.


A birthday greeting to Hilda from her cousin Herbert[2].


September, 1909.


Near Platte Center, Nebraska


  1. The "Birthday 1909" was added at some later date than when the postcard was given.
  2. Hilda was turning 3 years old and Herbert was 4 years old in September, 1909.
  3. As of the previous post, all of the picture postcards and photographs from the first and second sections of Grandma Brunken's Post Card Album have been posted. This post is an example of the greeting postcards in the third section of the album. As will be noted in the next post, the extraction of these greeting postcards and recovery of the greetings is presenting a challenge. My intent is to initially post those postcards that had come loose or were easily removed from their backing. Then, I will begin posting pictures that I have from other sources that Grandmother Brunken would likely have included in her album.