Tuesday, June 17, 2014



We send here to kids down for you to take care of  --e-  But ours as a good had kid she is a good all the time

Who's Who

These two babies are probably twin brothers - Raymond William Arndt and Edmnd E. Arndt born 13 Aug 1906 to Mathilda (Petersen) and Edward Arndt [1].


About 1906[2].


Lost Creek Township near Platte Center, Platte, Nebraska.


  1. Athough there were no names on the card,  A strong possibility is that these babies are the twin sons of Maria's sister, Mathilda (Petersen) Arndt - Raymond William Arndt and Edmund E. Arndt.
  2. Raymond and Edmund Arndt were born 13 Aug 1906.  
  3. They and their parents were enumerated in the 1910 US Census as being on a farm in Lost Creek Township, Platte, Nebraska.