Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freida, Christ, Cecelia and Lucia Petersen?

There was a sticky note on this portrait indicating that the little girl in front was "Aunt Frieda". This would be Frieda Ida Petersen, the youngest child of Carsten Petersen, Sr.,  born 28 Aug 1899

The boy in the back would likely be Christ "Chris" Broder Petersen born 24 Dec 1894 and was 5 years older than Frieda.

To me, the facial features of the boy in this picture are similar to those of Christ in other pictures. And the 5 year difference age would be consistent with the difference of the boy in the picture and Freida.

Who are the other two girls? The two siblings closest in age to Fieda and Chris were two sisters, Cecelia Margaret Petersen - born 20 Sep 1892 and Lucia Bertha Petersen was born 09 Jan 1891.

They are respectively about one and three years older than Christ.  Is it likely that they were so much shorter than Christ as is shown in the portrait?


  1. Bottom line is that I do not believe these identifications. Possibly the sticky note was incorrect and these children are from another family.
  2. Hopefully there are other photographs of Frieda, Christ, Lucia and Cecelia at the ages of these children that might prove one way or the other that this photograph is of the four youngest children of Carsten Petersen, Sr.