Monday, June 23, 2014

Gladys And Evelyn Grossnicklaus - c.1917

Gladys And Evelyn Grossnicklaus - c. 1917
Gladys And Evelyn Grossnicklaus - c. 1917

This is Gladys and Evelyn on there Pony and thats the Pony's Colt.

Who's Who

  • "Gladys" is Gladys Grossnicklaus, born 24 Jan 1912, Platte Center, Platte, Nebraska
  • "Evelyn" is Evelyn Grossnicklaus, born 06 Oct 1913, Platte Center, Platte, Nebraska
  • Unidentified Man - possibly the father of the two girls, Charles Frederick Grossnicklaus


Given the girls were born in Platte Center, Platte, Nebraska, I am assuming this is where they were at the time this picture was taken.


The girls look to be 4 to 5 years old. So, I am guessing that this picture was taken about 1917.