Thursday, June 26, 2014

Load of Corn - 1913

Load of Corn
Load of Corn

Postmark: MONROE NEB. DEC 4 1913 5 PM
Mrs Wm Brunken
Meno Okla.
This is Gertrude and G   Dec 3
Dear Sister
Well how are you getting along now?
I was down to Lydia today.
The men took 15 head of our cattle town to ship to Omaha today.
I thought I would send you a load of corn so if you happen to run short you got one extra load.
We got an offel mud here now. Please ans again soon as your are able.
As ever your Sister

Who's Who

  • "L.G." is Lucia Bertha (Petersen) Griepentrog.
  • "Sister","Mrs Wm Brunken" is Marie Clara (Petersen) Brunken, sister of Lucia.
  • "Gertrude" is Gertrude Griepentrog, Lucia's sister-in-law, (sister of Lucia's husband, William Griepentrog).
  • "G" might be Gertrude's brother,  Gustav Franz Griepentrog
  • "Lydia" is unidentified.


A wagon loaded with corn is being pulled by a team of horses.  The two people on the seat of the wagon are Gertrude and G.

The corn has yet to be husked.


December 3, 1913


Postmark: Monroe, Nebraska.


  1. Possibly the house in the background is Lucia's.  This house appears on several other post cards.