Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mathilda Hansen

Mathilda Louise "Tillie" Hansen
Mathilda Louise "Tillie" Hansen

Who's Who

Mathilda Louise Hansen was the wife of Andreas "Andrew" Petersen, brother of Carsten Petersen, Sr. and aunt of my Grandmother Brunken.

Mathilda Louise "Tillie" Hansen
Mathilda Louise "Tillie" Hansen


Andreas "Andrew" Petersen's "bride came from Germany in 1888 at the age of 17 with Esther Petersen - a niece of Carsten and Andrew. Mathilda Louise Hansen was born at Rantrum,
Germany, January 4, 1871, to Hans Nicholas and Johanna Freda [(Thoensen)] Hansen. She
had two brothers--Thomas and Johannes and one sister Margrata. Her sister
married an Italian and lived in New York. They had one son, Steven Cassovella."[1]

"Andrew's brother Carsten's second wife, lda Lucia Martensen was a cousin of Andrew's wile, Mathilda. Other cousins were Christian Martinsen and Henry Martensen who also came to this country and the father of Peter Martensen who stayed in Germany."[1]


Circa 1888.


This photograph was possibly taken in Germany before Mathilda came to the USA.


  1. ANDREAS (ANDREW) PETERSEN - A biography.  Photocopies of associated family records including the portrait shown above were sent to me by Carolyn Petersen on August 27, 2014 [2]. 
  2. Carolyn had obtained photocopies of genealogy records including this portrait from Mathilda Louise "Till" (Petersen) Sponhower over 20 years ago.