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Ida Martensen

Ida Lucia Martensen
Ida Lucia Martensen
Photographer imprint at the bottom of the photograph
Caption at top of the photograph
                                                 Ida Martensen                                                                                                                                Grandpas sister

Who's Who

  • "Ida Martensen" is Ida Lucia Martensen.
  • "Grandpa" is Christian Lorenz Martensen, youngest brother of Ida.

Ida Lucia Martensen
Ida Lucia Martensen


This is a photograph of Ida Lucia Martensen[1].  Ida became the second wife of Carsten Petersen, Sr. and the stepmother of Grandmother Brunken.


Circa 1873. The date noted on the source picture is about 1888 - but  this is probably not correct. The photographer is apparently in Germany and Ida left Hamburg, Germany for the USA on March 4, 1887.  Ida also appears years younger than in the marriage photograph of her and Carsten Petersen, Sr. on March 30, 1887 in Columbus, Nebraska.

Given the apparent Bible that Ida is holding, I am assuming that this is her confirmation photograph. As may be seen in the following confirmation certificate for Ida's youngest brother, Christian Lorenz Martensen:

Christian was born 14 Sep 1871 and was confirmed on 3 Apr 1887 and as such was 15 years old when he was confirmed.  Ida was born 11 Jun 1858 so I am assuming the Ida was confirmed about 1873 and this was the date that the above photograph of her was taken.


Ida was born in Hockensbüll, Schobüll, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark (now Germany)

Physical Location Map of Hockensbüll
Physical Location Map of Hockensbüll


  1. Linda Gehring gave permission to display this photograph which she had posted on Downloaded October 10, 2014.