Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arndt Family Visits Brunken Family

Arndt and Brunken Families - 1927
Arndt and Brunken Families - 1927
Label from Mildred's Album[1]

Who's Who

William Leopold Brunken
Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken
Mathilda (Petersen) Arndt
Edward Arndt
Herbert E. Arndt
Alvin William Brunken
Mildred Lorena Brunken
Caroline Macella Arndt
Hilda Ida Brunken
Leona Cecelia Brunken
Rueben Arndt
Harold Carsten Brunken


Grandmother Brunken's sister, Mathilda (Petersen) Arndt, and family visit with the William Brunken family.


October 30, 1927 - From a picture in Hilda's Photograph Album showing the William Brunken family members wearing the same clothes as in this picture.


Lahoma, Oklahoma - Note the vines on the porch of the Brunken farm house near Lahoma, Oklahoma.


  1. Mildred (Brunken) Kletke shared this photograph on December 29, 2003.