Saturday, October 18, 2014

John and Johanna (Plath) Brunken - Golden Anniversary

John and Johanna (Plath) Brunken - Family - 1923

Who's Who

  • Back row (left to right) Gustav "Gus" Brunken, William Leopold Brunken, Charles Henry "Carl" Brunken, Emil Herman Brunken, Henry Frederick Brunken, John Louis Brunken, Otto Brunken.
  • Front row (left to right): Anna M. (Brunken) Roesch, John Brunken, Louise Wilhemmia (Brunken) Karlin, Johanna (Plath) Brunken, Fredericka Mary (Brunken) Witt.[1] (Edward Walter Brunken is not in the picture.[2]) 

Johanna Wilhelmina (Plath) Brunken (1853 – 1949)
John Dietrich Brunken (1843 – 1925)

John Louis "Louie" Brunken
John Louis "Louie" Brunken (1873 – 1957)
Fredericka Mary (Brunken) Witt
Fredericka Mary (Brunken) Witt (1875 – 1968)

William Leopold Brunken
William Leopold Brunken (1878 – 1941)
Gustav "Gus" Brunken
Gustav "Gus" Brunken (1880 – 1966)

Henry Frederick Brunken
Henry Frederick Brunken (1882 – 1951)
Charles Henry "Carl" Brunken
Charles Henry "Carl" Brunken (1884 – 1970)

Anna M. (Brunken) Roesch
Anna M. (Brunken) Roesch (1887 – 1983)
Otto Brunken
Otto Brunken (1889 – 1946)

Emil Herman Brunken
Emil Herman Brunken (1891 – 1974)
Louise Wilhemmia (Brunken) Karlin
Louise Wilhemmia (Brunken) Karlin (1896 – 1991)


This is a family portrait of my great-grandparents, John and Johanna (Plath) Brunken, on their golden wedding anniversary.




Columbus, Nebraska.


  1. Diane Lliteras, confirmed the identity of the individuals in the photograph.
  2. Diane Lliteras also noted that she has another version of this photo that has Edward in it. A photographer 'edited' the picture to put an image of Edward between Gus and William in the back row.
  3. This photograph scan is of a reproduction of a reproduction and is not the quality I would like. Possibly someone can provide me with a scan of the original portrait.