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Mary, Lorena, and Mildred

Mary, Lorena, and Mildred
Mary, Lorena, and Mildred
Caption of Picture in Mildred's Album[1]

Who's Who

Clara Marie "Mary" (Petersen) Brunken

Lorena Ida Griepentrog (1917 – 1994)
Lorena Ida Griepentrog
Mildred Lorena Brunken
Mildred Lorena Brunken


Grandmother Brunken had apparently traveled to Nebraska for the funeral of her father, Carsten Petersen, Sr., taking along her youngest daughter, Mildred[2].


October, 1921.[3]


Platte Center, Nebraska


  1. Mildred (Brunken) Kletke shared this photograph on December 29, 2003.
  2. Mary's other children (Hilda, Alvin, and Leona) were not in the picture with the other grandchildren of Carsten Petersen, Sr.
  3. This picture was taken at the time of the funeral of Carsten Petersen, Sr. who died October 7, 1921.