Friday, November 14, 2014

Theresa (Maxant)(Weiss) Brunken

The Columbus Journal.,  December 2, 1904, page 2

Who's Who

  • Gerd Deitrich Brunken was the brother of my great-grandfather Johann Dietrich "John" Brunken.
  • Theresa (Maxant) Weiss was the second wife of Gerd Deitrich Brunken.


Deitrich Brunken married Theresa (Maxant) Weiss December 20, 1904 at age 63, in Columbus, Platte, Nebraska, USA.  Their children were: Olga Nelson (1905 - 1989) Walter (1907 - 1998).  After Deitrich Brunken died in 1919, Theresa married John Chambre in 1935.

Therese had two children by a previous marriage, Gustave G. Weiss and William M. Weiss.  Gustav died young from a shooting accident:

The Columbus Journal., August 9, 1911, page 2
The Columbus Journal., August 16, 1911, page 2


December 1904 - Deitrich Brunken married Theresa (Maxant) Weiss
August 1911 - Theresa's son, Gustav, died of a shooting accident.


Platte Center, Nebraska - nearby


  1. Would like to find a picture of Theresa.