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Brunken School

Need a picture for the "Brunken School (Platte County School #35) "

Who's Who

  • Johann Dietrich "John" Brunken and father of William Leopold Brunken. 


The Brunken School (Platte County School #35) was as integral part of the John and Johanna Brunken family as may be noted from the following newspaper clippings.

The Brunken Road was build to provide access to the Brunken school:
The Columbus Journal., October 14, 1885, page 2
Apparently Miss Lizzie Dunn was the school teacher at Brunken School for at least from 1892 until 1903.
The Columbus Journal., February 1, 1893 , page 2
The Columbus Journal., July 22, 1903, page 2
This was the school that the Brunken children attended for their first years.  They attend Lutheran Schools for their upper grade school years.

The Columbus Journal.,April 27, 1904 , page 2
The Brunken School house provided a social center for the community. And, basket socials were sponsored to provide financial support to run the Brunken School:

The Columbus Journal., February 26, 1908, page 2
The Columbus Journal., April 13, 1910, page 2
 Johann Brunken was the director of the Brunken School.  He apparently was responsible for managing the school property.
The Columbus Journal.,August 31, 1904 , page 2
Decisions to close or open a school depended on many factors.
The Columbus Journal., November 14, 1906, page 2
The Columbus Journal., ,January 9, 1907, page 2


Circa 1880 - 1920.


Near Platte Center, Nebraska

The school was on the same quarter of land as the John and Johanna Brunken home and farm providing easy access to the school for the Brunken children:

Brunken School and John Brunken Home


  1. Need a picture for the "Brunken School (Platte County School #35) "