Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hilda's Photo Album

Hilda's Photo Album
Hilda's Photo Album


I received this "Photographs" album prepared by my mother, Hilda Ida Brunken, along with other memorabilia after my parents passed away.

By posting the photographs and captions along with related stories in a blog named "Hilda's Photo Album", it is my hope to not only preserve the contents of my mother's album but also provide a vehicle for sharing them with relatives and anyone else who might be interested.

Memories This Album Holds

The album contains snapshots that are almost a century old - many of which my mother took and are related to my maternal family heritage.

The time period covered is approximately 1920 to 1928 with most of the pictures being from 1923 to 1927. This was primarly from the time my mother graduated from grade school to a couple years after she graduated from high school.  There were also loose pictures associated with the album having dates up to the mid-1930s.

This "Hilda's Photo Album" blog complements the "Grandma Brunken's Post Cards Album" blog which primarily covers the time previous to 1920 and related family pictures from other sources.

Long Range Plans

I anticipate that the content of this blog will eventually expand beyond the photographs contained in this album and the time period they cover.  Included will be pictures from other albums that my mother prepared such as her participation in plays, summer camps, family outings and family trips.

If anyone knows of other related albums that were prepared by my mother or other family members, I would like to learn of the same so that the images and stories they contain can also be included here.


  1. A photo album prepared by Hilda Ida Brunken - Scanned on October 29, 2014.