Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pleasant Valley School

Evelyn's First Teaching Position

Pleasant Valley North of Lahoma 1932

Who's Who

  • Evelyn Alice Pereboom, the teacher in back of the picture - became the wife of Alvin Brunken, my mother's brother.


Evelyn obtained her Teachers Certificate to teach any grade from the first to the 8th on the eleventh of July 1932[2].

Pleasant Valley was the first teaching position that Evelyn had.  She shared the following newspaper clipping with me to describe what it was like to be a teacher when she began teaching.

Evelyn went on to teach at other schools. In Evelyn's obituary, it was noted that "After graduation she taught in several one-room schools in north central Oklahoma including Turkey Creek School west of Enid, which was moved to the grounds of the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center in Enid as a permanent part of that facility. In the spring of 2011, at the grand opening of the Center's new museum building, Evelyn was honored as the oldest living Turkey Creek teacher." [3]




Lahoma, Oklahoma - north of


  1. Evelyn (Pereboom) Brunken shared this photograph, her teaching certificate, and the newspaper clipping on January 6, 2004.
  2. It is interesting to note that Evelyn's Teachers Certificate was issued as being able to teach anything in the 1st through 8th grades for the term of life and had no termination date.
  3. Published in The Oklahoman from Oct. 11 to Oct. 12, 2011. Downloaded February 4, 2015 from
  4. Was there more than one school named Pleasant Valley in the vicinity of Lahoma, Oklahoma?  I raise the question because Hilda Brunken and Harold Brunken were attending a Pleasant Valley school in 1922 - See post Pleasant Valley School - 1922.  And, Mildred Brunken completed her eighth grade from Pleasant Valley Public Schools in 1934.